My Biography

Born in Jakarta.
Graduated from SMKN 26 Pembangunan Jakarta. Interested in computer networks, systems, wireless. My hobbies include playing drums, futsal, snorkeling, etc. My motto, to be useful to others and can share anything that could

  1. ndru says:

    salam kenal mas

  2. Wiwid says:

    Salam kenal bro, sukses selalu ya

  3. Teguh says:

    Salam kenal Mas Wiwid, blognya mantab and bermanfaat πŸ™‚

    • Wiwid says:

      Terima kasih mas teguh,,

      Just share aja mas,, takut lupa. Jadi dokumentasinya dituang ke blog aja…
      Takut lupa euy..moga2 bermanfaat.. Saya jg masih newbie nich…

  4. aris says:

    thank you broda…

    gw pake settingannya di mikrotik gw…


  5. Akhmad Bayquni says:

    Salam kenal mas.. Thanks, sudah berbagi πŸ™‚

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